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1. Do you accept Credit Cards?
100%T/T (bank telegraphic transfer) Cash only.

2. Do you deal with foreign currencies?
Yes, you can pay in Japanese Yen (JPY)( ¥ ), USD (US$) or Euros.

3. Do you accept L/C?

4. What is your bank account info?
We will inform you of our bank account information during the purchasing process.

5. How can I see the prices in my currency?
You can convert Japanese Yen to other currencies by click HERE...


1. How much is shipping charge?
Click below for shipping charge information.
Cars: click HERE     Parts: click HERE

2. Do you ship to United States?
Yes. We can ship to the US, but we don't offer advice on registering your car in the US.
• EPA   http://www.epa.gov/otaq/imports/quikover.htm
• DOT   http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/rules/import/
• US customs   http://www.customs.ustreas.gov/xp/cgov/import/

3. Please give me ship schedule information.
• MOL Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd.  http://www.mol.co.jp/index.shtml
• “K” LINE Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.  http://www.kline.co.jp/index_e.html
• TFS Toyofuji Shipping Co.,Ltd.  http://www.toyofuji.co.jp/english/index.html
• HMM Hyundai Merchant Marine CO.,LTD  http://www.hmm21.com/hmm/jsp/eng/index.jsp
• HUAL HUAL  http://www.hoegh.com/autoliners/
• KIWI Kiwi Car Carriers LTD  http://www.kiwicar.com/
• AMS Armacup Maritime Services  http://www.armacup.co.nz/
• KHN The Keihin CO.,LTD  http://www.keihin.co.jp/english/index.htm
• CSAV Compania Sud Americane De Vapores S.A  http://www.csav.com/
• CCNI Compania Chilena De Navegacion Interoceanica  http://www.ccni.cl/

4. I' d like to insure my shipment in transit.
Insurance is not included in the cost of shipping, but if you inform us of your wish to insure your shipment during the order process we can get insurance for you at an extra charge.


1. Can I buy a car as a private car buyer?
Yes, but we don't know the laws of your country regarding this.
We cannot offer advice on the method you use to acquire a car or introduce you to a car dealer.
Depending on the country, you may not be able to import some car models. You need to check your country's registration laws before you begin the purchasing process.

2. Do you give any warranty for the vehicles?
No, we don't give any warranty, but we are very open about any interior/exterior damage, repair history, the distance the car has been driven, etc. We report this information in accordance with Japanese auction level reporting, so you can understand the condition of the car you are buying. Also, after you buy your car, if you need any parts for your car, we can supply you authentic parts at special prices until the maker stops producing the parts. Even after the maker stops producing the part, we can supply you with used and OEM parts.

3. I don't have a fax machine. How can you send me the documents like invoices?
Basically, if you don't have a fax machine it is a hindrance. But, it is not necessary to have a fax in all cases. Also, there are fax services available on the internet. Click below to go to one of the fax service web sites.

4. I want to know the correct date and time in Japan.
Every page has the date and time on it, but that is not always the correct time.
For the correct date and time click HERE..

5. I want to track my EMS shipment
If you chose to receive your EMS number, you can track your shipment by clicking below.
click HERE..

Country Specific

• Australia:   http://www.dotars.gov.au/transreg/str_imp-cert.aspx
• Canada:   http://www.tc.gc.ca/roadsafety/importation/impxus_e.htm
• Canada:   http://www.canadiandriver.com/articles/mj/import.htm
• Canada:   http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/
• Germany:   http://www.mapsupport.com/thedatabase/impex/imprtgvehger.htm
• NewZealand:   http://www.ltsa.govt.nz/importing/frontal-impact-compliance-status.html
• Sweden:   http://www.bilprovningen.se/externt/bilprovningen/www/DynMenuBilprovEng.nsf?OpenDatabase
• Sweden:   http://www.tullverket.se/en/
• United Kingdom:   http://www.vca.gov.uk/faq/importing.shtm
• USA : EPA:   http://www.epa.gov/otaq/imports/quikover.htm
• USA : DOT:   http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/rules/import/
• USA : US customs:   http://www.customs.ustreas.gov/xp/cgov/import/

Car Parts

Car Parts are only available to those who bought the cars from us.
click HERE..

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