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About us Overdrive Japan is a division of Cine Action Incorporated. Cine Action works world-wide on commercial and promotional films for the auto industry. Through this relationship, we have developed strong ties with Japanese car manufacturers, dealers, suppliers and car parts makers.
While working overseas, we became aware of our clients' difficulties with acquiring authentic car parts for imported used cars from Japan.
This is where we decided to step in and help them with their problems.

As a Japanese used car exporter, we export all types of new and used cars, and car parts.
Our strong ties with the auto industry has given us a clear advantage in meeting our customers' needs for quality cars and car parts at very affordable prices. All the used cars we acquire at Japanese car auctions go through a rigid inspection in accordance with strict Japanese regulations. We maintain a very up-to-date inventory, with an inventory turnover rate of 2 weeks.

Our great service does not end after you receive your car from us. We guarantee to meet any of your future car parts needs with 100% authentic car parts, or, at even lower prices, we can supply you with used and rebuilt parts. We take care to make sure all your requirements are met on a timely basis, and all the hassles with customs are taken care of with no unpleasant surprises or hidden costs.

At Overdrive Japan, we will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction!

Thank you for visiting our site. There are more than 10 corporations and about 20 sales agent have participated in our website for selling cars.
Recently there are some people misunderstanding that we have been using photos from Yahoo! without permission. There are some photos of the same car on Yahoo! and other websites but please do not misunderstand us, they are the cars from our website's participants.
You buy cars from our site and we export them to your country with responsibility. Our selling price may differ from other sites but as it includes export charges and others we consider it justifiable. And if you have found a car on Yahoo! or other sites that you want to buy, we could buy and export on your behalf.
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For further inquiries, please e-mail or Skype.

As we are a member of The Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exports Association , we look forward to dealing business with you.

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The Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exports Association
The Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exports Association

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